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We specialize in Restaurant Cleaning, Gum Removal, and Commercial Buildings

Hartselle, AL 35640
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Commercial Cleaning Services

Companies only get one opportunity to form a first impression, and that is why Hartselle’s Full Blast Alabama will work diligently to clean your facility so that a pristine visual image will attract more clients, customers and residents to your business.

Full Blast Alabama Pressure Washing specializes in Hot Water Pressure Washing. Effectively removing Gum and Grease without any damage to your concrete surface. Hot Water is essential in the process of cleaning and lifting all of the grease associated with Vehicles, People and Foot Traffic, and Employees commuting from the greasy kitchen out to the dumpster.

We strongly believe that “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK” and we would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your team in order to help grow your business!

In fact, we will schedule this project at a time that minimizes interruption to your business, and will result in prevented maintenance and painting costs, as well as increased safety by reducing slick surfaces that pose a slip and fall risk, especially when wet. We are proud to tackle any size project, large and small, from apartment complexes and shopping plazas, to dumpster pad cleaning or entry area sidewalks. We specialize in removing graffiti, gum, oil, rust, and even years of layered over grit and grime that has turned white concrete into a completely dark shade of gray or black.

Our biodegradable cleaning solutions are safe for the environment and will transform even the toughest areas filled with stains from years of neglect into surfaces that look fresh, new, and inviting to potential customers. We like to say “Your business is our business!” 


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Before Full Blast Alabama Cleaning

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